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With increasing number of PG aspirants in India, MDS Entrance Examinations has become one of the toughest exams to be cracked. MDS Entrance Examinations have been designed to choose the best out of a large pool of Aspirants. With very less number of MDS seats available it becomes all the more important for MDS aspirants to practice and increase their subject matter expertise. Moreover, the questions are usually designed to calculate not only the ability of student to recall what he / she would have learnt, but also to test the analytical and logical ability.

Achievers MDS Academy helps you to acquire excellent guidance, strategies, tips & tricks and detailed discussion with authentic answers to controversial questions.

Practicing the examination format and constant evaluation of preparation is essential to keep you on track for success. Wish you all a great success ahead.

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Orthodontics - Development of Occlusion
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Rank 1 – Gujarat PhD Entrance Exam 2015

Rank 20 - AIPG 2009

Rank 5 - AIIMS May 2008 (Junior Residency Non-acad.)

Rank 2 - Rajasthan State Dental PG Entrance 2008

Rank 5 - Gujarat State Dental PG Entrance 2008

Rank 52 - Comedk 2009

Rank 15 - AIPG 2009

Rank 2 - Gujarat State Dental PG Entrance 2009

Rank 60 - Comedk 2009

Rank 12 - AIIMS Nov 2008 (Junior Residency Non-acad.)

Rank 8 - Gujarat State Dental PG Entrance 2008